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About #atomicmpc

Created in the Summer of 2001, the beginning of time for Atomicmpc, the channel was created as a place for Atomicans to hang,. discuss life and assist each other when needed, one of the many aspects which is still true today.

Since 2001, a lot has changed in terms for the channel. The channel in it's early days, was lucky to hit 30 people in it, at any one time. These days, there are atleast 70 people or so in it at one time, with that exceeding 100 people during peak hours. These people come to #atomicmpc to join in the unique, friendly and enjoyable conversation that takes place in this unique channel.

One of the earliest traits that helped to grow the channel in popularity, and become a hub for the community, was the random trivia nights, that then editor, Ben Mansill, or as he is more commonly known on IRC, Flouncy. Questions would vary from stuff that was technical, to stuff that was just plain weird (well, atleast to us, not sure about him ... :). Prizes were always there to be had, whether it be a sticker, or one of the atomic loot items.

Another memorable moment, was when the channel had it's largest ever crowd in there (for that time anyway), of 103 people. The token for being part of this memorable moment, was one of the most desired things to exist in Atomic History, the Atomic Sticker.

In Late 2002, due to the increasing size of the channel, and some minor annoyances, it was decided that a channel bot was needed to help keep the channel in order. Since the introduction, the bot has extended its functunality and now includes seen information, statistics generation, channel & anti-spam monitoring, flood control and idiot removal. It can also be modified at times for different things which take place in the channel (for example, technights).

The above mentioned Tech Nights which were run by the #atomicmpc operators, were to help teach other atomicians with different topics, ideas and topic-discussion. The topics covered ranged from Networking, to Unix Setup to Tweaking to Overclocking, each night for the hour it ran, people went away knowing something new.

This is just a small sample, of over 4 years of history that relates to the #atomicmpc channel. As time goes by, more and more will happen to make it a better channel, not only to visit, but to spend time in.

Any suggestions for history events to be placed on this page, please contact us