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Channel Rules

IRC is a unique form of communication - unless, of course, you don't regard engaging in a dozen simultaneous conversations as 'unique'. As with every form of social interaction, one is expected to represent him or herself well and show respect for others. Like a party, you should try to be good company to others, and you should respect other people.

Always bear in mind that you are a guest in another person's house.

Most people don't need to have these simple rules of life explained to them, however, we do need to have a few basics down on record so it's crystal clear to all how the #atomicmpc IRC channel operates. These simple and reasonable rules will be enforced if there are breaches, regardless of who you are.

Other than that, enjoy!

There are the Atomic forums, and there is the #atomicmpc chat room. One is not the other, and as such, different guidelines apply.

The chat room is a much faster-paced environment (most of the time) and one must always pay attention to the environment, and to the actions (and reactions) of those around them.

Warez trading, promotion, advertising, fserves, triggers and requests will earn you a kick and or ban. So don't bother.
The same goes for pornography (including the spamming of links to pornographic websites).
Harassment of other users will not be tolerated, including abuse or lewd and unwelcome comment.

Some Rules

Not allowed

Some exceptions do exist

Please note: If you use a script that you would like added to the exceptions list, then please /msg Aquilae, Gramyre, Nichers or Praetorian.

Some guidelines which should help you make the #atomicmpc channel a fun and most excellent place (the guidelines which follow, do not take away from the power of discretion of any of the operators):

Repeated spamming or flooding in channel, just for attention, only pisses people off. This is especially the case with the #atomicmpc channel bot, who is quick with a kick/ban combo.

Don't assume that people you don't know will want to talk to you, and harassing them for personal information is plain rude.

This is an 'all ages' channel -- bear this in mind when engaging in profanity and/or sexually explicit conversations .

Freedom of speech is respected, but so is freedom from harassment and abuse. Personally attacking or baiting of others could likely end up in a permanent ban from the channel.

Please don't pester the staff/contributors of Atomic, should they log in to the channel, with issues about subscriptions, editorial submissions, Atomic/AJB administrative stuff and so on. Refer to the Website FAQs or the mag for info on how to contact Atomic about these and other related issues. The Atomic staff, when they do drop by, are there to talk tech, and chill out with readers. If they are in IRC, and not tied to their desks creating an extremely cool magazine, then consider them 'off duty' and they probably don't wish to be bothered with that stuff.

Don't take a kick personally, unless you were being a turd. In which case, return to the channel in a more appropriate manner, or expect a banning to soon follow.

In most circumstances, a 'three strikes and you're out' system applies. You.ll first receive a warning, then a kick, and finally a ban. However, if someone is acting in a threatening or abusive manner, then an instant kick and/or ban may take be required.

Even though you may not see a '@' or '+' symbol next to a nick, this doesn't mean that person hasn't the power to remove you from the channel.

All bans are limited to two hours, unless an individual is banned by an Op with level 190 or more, in which case, the ban may be permanent. Evading bans is not tolerated.

The Atomic forums are not a soapbox for airing your IRC grievances. If you have a problem, please discuss it with one of the #atomicmpc channel operators.

Ideas and input for the channel are welcomed and encouraged. Please /msg Aquilae, Praetorian, Gramyre or Nichers, who will be only to happy to yak about channel issues or suggestions.